This Week's Musical Gems: Lalo & Elgar

Mar 8, 2021 10:40:37 AM / by BPO Staff

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Today we bring you two episodes of the Interpretations of Music: Lessons for Life classes that highlight the musical journey young musicians undertake. The first features one of our longtime education partners, the Boston String Academy, playing Elgar's Serenade for Strings.

Maestro Zander encourages each member of the ensemble to engage as if they were the conductor. He explains "One thing that a conductor has to have is eyes that are alive...Always feel responsible for the whole group. Give everything you have." He also reminds conductors that "The power is in the players. Our job is to get it out, to release enable them to be all they can be."

The second features a riveting performance of the first and third movements of Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole by violinist Sarah Hadley-Yakir and pianist Dina Vainshtein. We feel confident that their playing will almost make you believe you're in Spain! 

We send our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones this week.

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Written by BPO Staff

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