This Week's Musical Gems: Hummel & Bach

Oct 9, 2020 9:46:33 PM / by BPO Staff

Elmer Churampi performs Hummel's Trumpet Concerto

Last fall Maestro Zander traveled to Oakville, Ontario, Canada to coach young musicians there. One of those young musicians was 11-year-old Kate Healey, who played the Presto from Bach's Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Harpsichord with pianist EJ Kim. Maestro Zander counseled her: "We musicians are actually traveling joy-bringers...Music can do a lot for us. It can be a huge giver of life." 

This brilliant 4-minute performance by Elmer Churampi and the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra of the Rondo from Hummel's Trumpet Concerto seems a perfect illustration of the joy music can bring. 



By popular request, Maestro Zander has agreed to host one more driveway chamber performance this Sunday (October 11) at 4:00 PM. The concert will feature Dvorak's string quintet and will be livestreamed on Maestro Zander's Facebook page


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Written by BPO Staff

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