Announcing the Boston Philharmonic’s Partnership with Music:Eyes

Oct 17, 2016 11:47:19 AM / by BPO Staff

Visualization by Stephen Malinowski


The first work on the BPYO's November 7 program features a visual animation of Finlandia projected above the orchestra.  Created by a team of BPYO members and staff this Music:Eyes creation follows the music bar-by-bar, representing every instrument, note, dynamic, color and gesture that Sibelius wrote.  Pioneered by Music:Eyes co-founder Stephen Malinowski, animations of this type have drawn countless listeners into a deeper understanding and appreciation of musical masterworks, a goal central to Maestro Zander’s and the Boston Philharmonic’s mission.  

“I found myself noticing subtleties that have enriched my listening ten-fold!”

Music:Eyes is currently developing software to allow for its broad and significant implementation in music education and appreciation and audience and listener engagement.   The BYO and BPYO are proud to be members of a “Visionary Circle” of organizations partnering with Music:Eyes in this stage of research and development and beyond.  Others include the Tonhalle-Orchestra Zurich, the Bern Symphony Orchestra, the Basel Sinfonietta, and Columbia University.

Among the projects that we will implement in the coming year is the creation of animations by the college age musicians who participate in the BPYO “Young Composers Initiative” with groups of students from our BPO Crescendo partner schools.  In another project adult and college age groups will work together on animations to be presented in the BPO Discovery Series concerts.

We welcome your ideas and responses!

To learn more about Music:Eyes, visit

To view more visualizations, visit Stephen Malinowski's YouTube channel.

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Written by BPO Staff

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